For us, being purpose driven and giving back is in our DNA; it's the reason Brightcuties was formed. The nonprofit organizations that we work with support families in the NICU, conduct lifesaving research and have initiatives to help reduce the risk of pre-term birth. If you're interested in supporting a NICU family, click the box below to gift them a product.

Nonprofits that we work with to deliver on our mission

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization committed to ending preventable maternal health risks and death, ending preventable preterm birth and infant death and closing the health equity gap for all families.

Project Sweet Peas

Project Sweet Peas is a national nonprofit organization providing support to families and caregivers of premature or sick infants and families impacted by pregnancy and infant loss. They also established NICU Awareness Month.

Our Focused Impact Efforts

With your help, we are making the world a better place. With the purchasing and gifting of our products by customers, and the support of our charity partners, we are focused on the following areas to make an impact.

Gift products to families in the NICU

Having a baby in the NICU can be scary and feel overwhelming at times. To help provide a moment of joy and to show families that they are not alone, Brightcuties focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Donating products to families in the NICU
  • Enabling our customers to gift products to families in the NICU
  • Paying for care packages for families in the NICU

Fund research & programs to prevent pre-term birth

Reducing the incidence and risks of pre-term birth is at the core of our mission. To fund the efforts of our charity partners, Brightcuties donates 50% of profits to help fund the following initiatives:

  • Research to discover causes and risk factors leading to pre-term birth
  • Research and programs to achieve birth equity for all mothers
  • Programs to educate communities and medical staff on risk factors