A Baby Clothing Brand Making A Difference

A Baby Clothing Brand Making A Difference

Brightcuties is a baby clothing brand that was created for the purpose of giving every baby the chance for a healthy start in life.

You may be wondering, “How does a baby clothing brand do that?” Well, we give 50% of our profits to non-profit organizations serving families in the NICU and preventing pre-term birth.

For us, being purpose driven is not a sales tactic; it’s the reason the company was formed. Our Founder, Rob Riffle, created Brightcuties after his son passed away due to complications stemming from his premature birth. Rob wanted to find a way to help prevent others from going through what he and his family experienced. He also wanted to empower others to make a difference through something as simple as purchasing baby clothes —something they would do anyway.

About Brightcuties:

We are a profit-for-purpose company: Unlike non-profits, which require donors to fund them, we sell baby clothes for profit, and we use those profits to support our cause.

Our purpose it to support non-profits: We not only donate 50% of our profits to non-profit organizations, but we also gift baby clothes to families with babies in the NICU.

We make organic baby clothes: A baby’s skin is delicate; you need to trust the clothes that touch it. That’s why we searched the globe (literally) to find the best fabrics that also meet the highest OKEO-TEX standards for baby clothing.

At Brightcuties, we believe that companies are not only responsible for offering great products but also for doing something for the greater good. Our success and our ability to make a difference in the world go hand in hand.

We are excited to share more about our company, our products and our work with our partner charities in other articles on the Brightcuties blog!