Introducing essentials for good

Introducing essentials for good

We are overjoyed to announce that our initial clothing line, ESSENTIALS FOR GOOD, is now available online! ESSENTIALS FOR GOOD is a line of footed baby pajamas available in sizes Preemie through 24 months and baby beanies.

Our footed pajamas and beanies are made from the finest OKEO-TEX 100% organic cotton that meets the highest standards for baby clothing. We use an interlock fabric, which means it is silky smooth and fits a baby’s body perfectly.

Product Origins

Since we are a profit-for-purpose company, we started with our purpose, which is to give every baby the chance for a healthy start in life. Therefore, our product needed to align with our purpose and non-profit organizations that we wanted to work with.

We did a lot of research and looked at many different product ideas, and in the end everything pointed to baby clothes. We want to empower our customers to make a difference in the world when they purchase our products.

Our customers may be looking for clothes for their own little one, seeking a baby shower gift for someone who is having a rainbow baby, or perhaps they’re simply looking to help a family with a baby in the NICU. Whatever their need, we want to give people the option to make a difference when they purchase a clothing product from us.

Our Journey

It has been a long journey to create our initial product line. We’ve assessed more than 60 different fabrics from suppliers around the world and couldn’t have been happier to find a production partner with the highest-quality material and similar values, with whom we are now working. (More to come about them in a future article.) Between delays caused by COVID and the many iterations it took to get things perfect, finalizing our products took a long time.

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We are excited to share more about our company, our products and our work with non-profit organizations in other articles on the Brightcuties blog!